Aug 192015

Have you ever tried to find a CTE consultant on the Internet? If so, you probably found few, if any, consultants listed that can provide assistance to administrators who are seeking to improve or initiate new CTE programs. Our Resource Center has numerous consultants available that can help in any of the following areas.  Contact us by phone (205-345-2725) or email for more information.

  • System Wide Program Analysis
    • Are your programs up-to-date for the local community?
    • Are your teachers fully qualified to teach today’s curriculum?
    • Are your programs outdated?
    • Is your equipment up-to-date?
  • New Teacher Training (Secondary and Postsecondary)
    • Series of workshops that are designed to prepare the new CTE teacher to step into the classroom and begin teaching
  • How to Hire New CTE Teachers
    • A plan developed to assist administrators and human resource personnel to determine the best qualified instructor for vacant positions
  • Preparing CTE Administrators for Their Job
    • How to prepare and understand CTE lesson plans
    • Knowledge of various teacher certification exams
    • Choosing the best way to evaluate a student
    • Understanding new teaching methods
    • Understand the importance of advisory committees
    • Knowledge of Perkins funding
    • Student recruitment
    • How to retain students