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The Resource Center is an educational consulting center serving career and technical education for 25 years. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to assist your school or district with strategic decision-making, program improvement, and compliance for CTE programs. We specialize in new teacher training and can assist with training new CTE instructors as they prepare to enter the classroom.

We are different in that we can we can customize training and professional development classes to meet your needs and budget. We utilize down-to-earth techniques that instructors and administrators understand. We have no “canned” programs. We develop and present what you need, not what someone else has already designed.

Our consultants have more than one hundred years’ experience coming from classroom teaching, CTE local administration, State staff, Teacher Educator and school superintendent. All of our consultants are qualified for CTE Administration and can provide short-term or temporary employment in administration.

Included among the many areas we feel confident to provide training are:

System Wide Program Analysis

  • Are your programs up to date for the local community?
  • Are your teachers fully qualified to teach today’s curriculum?
  • Is your equipment up-to-date?
  • Are your instructors up to date with their industry knowledge?

New Teacher Training (Secondary and Postsecondary)

  • Teaching Techniques for Today’s Classroom
  • Designing Instruction to Meet Industry Standards
  • How to Make Teaching Fun
  • Choosing the best way to evaluate a student
  • Implementing project based instruction
  • Working with youth organizations
  • Implementing an Advisory Committee

Preparing CTE Administrators for Their Job

  • How to Hire and Maintain Teachers
  • Building design for new schools or new programs
  • How to prepare and understand CTE lesson plans
  • Knowledge of various teacher certification exams
  • Understanding new teaching methods
  • Understand the importance of advisory committees
  • Knowledge of Perkins funding
  • Student recruitment
  • How to retain students

In addition to on-site training, the Resource Center has developed an online teacher-training program. This five-module program contains detailed information on becoming a new CTE teacher, including: Lesson Plan Development, Methods of Teaching, Teaching and Learning, Classroom and Lab Management, and Student Evaluation.

Special Workshop Requests

The Resource Center is happy to create and facilitate a workshop for your school or school system on any of the above topics or discuss a special workshop designed specifically for your instructors and programs.

Contact us by phone (205-345-2725) or email for more information.


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