Team Build Rules and Description


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Team Build Construction Contest
Rules and Description

(Revised 9-25-17)
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Date: October 26-27, 2017                                              

Location: Local 372 Apprentice Training Facility, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (See map)

The Resource Center for Technology, in cooperation with Go Build Alabama and several participating industries, will sponsor a construction Team Build contest on October 26-27, 2017. The contest participants will be students enrolled in Alabama from career and technical education programs.


  1. To showcase the skills of students enrolled in carpentry/building trades and electrical programs in Alabama Career and Technical programs.
  2. To call attention to the home building and industrial/commercial construction industry in Alabama.


Any student enrolled in an approved Alabama Career and Technical Education construction and electrical program.

What Does It Cost For A Team To Participate?

There is no registration fee.

Public Relations

The contest can be a huge public relations event for all participating schools, for Workforce Development in general, for the Home Building Industry and commercial/industrial construction in Alabama. Every attempt will be made to have local media in attendance. Public announcements will be placed in local news outlets and invitations will be extended to the general public and building contractors from all areas of the state encouraging their attendance.

Contest Description

In today’s workforce teamwork is essential and it is important that students learn to work in teams while learning the skills necessary for earning and maintaining employment in the construction field. Although it is not possible to build a home in two days, the contest will include many of the skills students are learning in the home building and other construction-related areas. The Team Build Contest will replicate the National SkillsUSA TeamWorks contest as much as possible. The event will consist of a construction team of career and technical students that will build a structure that cannot exceed 10 feet in length or 8 feet in width. Each interior wall will have one electrical outlet, and there will be one switch box and one ceiling light. The building must have at least one window and one door. Additional items may be added by the contest committee to allow students to use creativity and innovation.

Team Structure

A team will consist of a maximum of five building construction students and two electrical students.

Team members can be all from one school if the school has both construction and electrical programs. If a school wishes to enter and only has one of the programs, the school may borrow team members from another school. All students must be enrolled in an approved State Department of Education career and technical education program. Carpentry students must be enrolled in carpentry or building construction, and electrical students must be enrolled in an electrical, building construction, or any program in which basic electrical skills are taught. Agricultural students are eligible if enrolled in an agricultural construction program that includes basic skills in carpentry or electricity.

A school may enter a maximum of one team. If the maximum number of teams are not registered by the stated deadline, schools may register one additional team. A school can enter one (or two teams) and also loan other students out to a school that needs a team member. Any team members that are borrowed from another school must be included with the school that registers. All students and instructors must register and complete all necessary documentation before the team will be considered as registered.

Clothing Requirements

Student dress will consist of normal workplace dress for the construction industry. No sleeveless shirts of any type will be allowed. Safety glasses with side shields or goggles, hard hats, and leather shoes must be worn by all team members. No athletic shoes will be allowed. No shorts may be worn. Some tasks may involve the use of gloves.

Tool Requirements

Each team will be required to furnish their own tools. Students may wear a tool belt, but it is not required. Circular saws and drills may be cordless or electrical. Nail guns that operate on a small compressor may be used by a team; however, no large compressors may be used. Battery operated nail guns may be used; however, the team must furnish their own nails. No table saws may be used; however, one radial arm/miter saw may be used.

Cell phones, earphones, or any other devices will not be allowed in the contest area or lunch and break area at any time. In reality, students will be without these devices during the contest day.


Instructors and students must certify that they have received safety training on all tools and building procedures for the contest. Each participant and their instructor will be required to sign a statement releasing the Resource Center, Local 372, any committee member, contest official or volunteer from personal injury resulting from any actions during the contest.

A designated person(s) will inspect each team’s tools, tool bags, air-driven nail guns, cordless/electrical tools, etc. Cleanliness of jobsite, total time to complete project, use of materials provided, and use of tools and equipment will be a part of the team score.

Instructor Contact

All instructors must refrain from any contact with students once the contest begins. No signals, texting, or use of cell phones will be allowed. To do so can result in a student being removed from the contest area and even a team being eliminated from the contest. No cell phones will be allowed in the contest area, or during breaks or lunch.

Contest Procedures

Teams must arrive at the training center between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 26. Each team will register first, look around the facilities, and inspect their building site. A team meeting will be held at 7:45 a.m. for instructors and team members.

Construction of the floor frame may begin immediately following the orientation session. Floor frames must be attached to 4” x 6” x 10′ treated skids that are angled in front. Floor frames must be cross-braced 24″ in from outside floor joist on both sides of 10′ joist. See floor frame diagram for location of cross braces. Once floor frames are finished and the floor decking is installed the team leader must ask for an inspection of the floor structure. After inspection of the floor frames, the team may begin the construction of wall frames.

All activity Thursday will cease at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise determined by contest officials. Teams should be onsite Friday morning no later than 7:45 a.m. No team may start until the signal to start has been given, (approximately 8:00 a.m.). Once wall structures are built the team leader must ask for an inspection. Window openings and door openings may be added during wall framing or after but must be inspected before any further construction can begin. Roof trusses may be assembled on the ground and then attached to wall frame, or they may be assembled on top of wall structure. After installed, another inspection is called for by team leader.

After installing the roof trusses the sheathing is attached and roofing felt is installed, then metal roofing is attached. Once all roofing is installed, the team leader will again ask for an inspection.

After team leader has notified the judges the team is finished, a final inspection will be made by judges.

All activity Friday will cease at 6:00 p.m. (unless instructed by contest officials to continue), and students will enjoy an evening meal before leaving the premises. While the students are eating, judges will complete all scoring and winners will be announced as soon as meal is complete.


Electrical students may not assist with any tasks in the building process other than their own. However, electrical may assist with handling tools or materials, raising wall frames, etc.

  1. Teams will furnish their own hand and electrical tools, nail guns, nails, and compressors.
  2. Each team must furnish one set of saw horses.
  3. One 8-foot ladder is needed for wall, roof, and installation of ceiling light.
  4. A miter saw is permissible, but not required.
  5. There shall be no openings between wall and roof trusses.
  6. Nails and fastening materials will be furnished other than for nail guns.

Building materials

  • Bottom runners of floor frame must rest on 4″ x 6″ x 10′ treated runners with both ends cut at 45 degree angle
  • Floor joist are constructed of 2″ x 4″ treated wood on 16 inch centers
  • Floor panels are 4′ x 8′ panels
  • Wall frames are 2″ x 4″ studs
  • Roof trusses are constructed from 2″ x 4″ boards attached to 2″ x 6″ ridge board
  • Roof paneling is 4′ x 8′ OSB board
  • Precut metal roofing will be installed over OSB board
  • Metal  roof material shall be flush with walls at front and back of building and extend 2 inches on each side of building. End cap must be attached to front and back of roof.
  • 4′ x 8′ outside grooved paneling will cover the exterior walls
  • Outside corners, door frames and window frames will be 1″ x 4″ boards

The Team Construction event is sponsored by The Resource Center for Technology, a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency that works exclusively with career and technical educators in areas of professional development and technical update training. Other sponsoring agencies will be listed on the Resource Center web site, program cover page, and inside the program.

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