NOCTI Exam Registration

NOCTI testing is now being scheduled for fall 2019 for instructors who need the NOCTI for their certification. Exams are being scheduled individually to help meet your schedule.

If you don’t know if you need to take the NOCTI, please contact Julie Turner at the Alabama CTE Department. All tests must be paid in advance, and purchase orders are accepted.

There is no deadline to register for an individual testing date; however, please allow approximately two weeks for us to receive the test once you order it. The test is given in Tuscaloosa at the Tuscaloosa Library. All teachers who register will receive specific instructions with time, meeting room, and directions to the library.

NOCTI Test List and Registration

Workshop Photos 2018

Photos from some of our recent workshops are posted. Check out the links below.



Summer Automotive Workshop – more pictures here





Mississippi Automotive / Welding Workshops – more pictures here






Alabama Welding Workshop – more pictures here



Electrical and Industrial teachers participate in tour of KAMTEC manufacturing plant in Birmingham at 2018 Technical Update workshop.


2015 Team Design and Build Contest

Pictures from the Team Design and Build Contest held on November 13-14, 2015, at the Local 372 Apprentice Training Center in Tuscaloosa, AL.

1st-etowahFirst Place Winner – Etowah County Career Technical Center

2nd-holt-walkerSecond Place Winner – Holt High School

3rd-montgomeryThird Place Winner – Montgomery Preparatory Academy for
Career Technologies

all-studentsStudent participants and their instructors












Career and Technical Consulting

CTE Consulting that Works

The Resource Center is an educational consulting center serving career and technical education for 25 years. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to assist your school or district with strategic decision-making, program improvement, and compliance for CTE programs. We specialize in new teacher training and can assist with training new CTE instructors as they prepare to enter the classroom.

We are different in that we can we can customize training and professional development classes to meet your needs and budget. We utilize down-to-earth techniques that instructors and administrators understand. We have no “canned” programs. We develop and present what you need, not what someone else has already designed.

Our consultants have more than one hundred years’ experience coming from classroom teaching, CTE local administration, State staff, Teacher Educator and school superintendent. All of our consultants are qualified for CTE Administration and can provide short-term or temporary employment in administration.

Included among the many areas we feel confident to provide training are:

System Wide Program Analysis

  • Are your programs up to date for the local community?
  • Are your teachers fully qualified to teach today’s curriculum?
  • Is your equipment up-to-date?
  • Are your instructors up to date with their industry knowledge?

New Teacher Training (Secondary and Postsecondary)

  • Teaching Techniques for Today’s Classroom
  • Designing Instruction to Meet Industry Standards
  • How to Make Teaching Fun
  • Choosing the best way to evaluate a student
  • Implementing project based instruction
  • Working with youth organizations
  • Implementing an Advisory Committee

Preparing CTE Administrators for Their Job

  • How to Hire and Maintain Teachers
  • Building design for new schools or new programs
  • How to prepare and understand CTE lesson plans
  • Knowledge of various teacher certification exams
  • Understanding new teaching methods
  • Understand the importance of advisory committees
  • Knowledge of Perkins funding
  • Student recruitment
  • How to retain students

In addition to on-site training, the Resource Center has developed an online teacher-training program. This five-module program contains detailed information on becoming a new CTE teacher, including: Lesson Plan Development, Methods of Teaching, Teaching and Learning, Classroom and Lab Management, and Student Evaluation.

Special Workshop Requests

The Resource Center is happy to create and facilitate a workshop for your school or school system on any of the above topics or discuss a special workshop designed specifically for your instructors and programs.

Contact us by phone (205-345-2725) or email for more information.


Dr. Bob Kimbrell –
Debbye Chambers –


Plan your training with a company that can connect with instructors on a meaningful level

Onsite workshops available

The Resource Center can work with you and your teachers to conduct an onsite professional development workshop that fits your specific needs. Contact us by phone (205-345-2725) or email for more information on the workshops below, or let us customize a workshop for you.

  • New Teacher Training
    • Creating course syllabus
    • Creating course calendar
    • Utilizing advisory/craft committee
    • Preparing detailed lesson plans
    • Evaluating students
    • Preparing a Rubric for scoring
    • Learning Styles of students
    • Teaching Techniques
    • Selecting lesson delivery method
    • New and innovative ways of teaching
      • Project-based teaching
      • Contextual teaching
      • Collaborative teaching
      • Cooperative teaching
      • Probable solving
      • Decision making
      • Critical thinking
  • Integrating Industry into Career Technical Schools and Shops
    • Creating Advisory Committees that function
    • Making shops/labs reflect industry
    • Allowing industry leaders to be present in classroom/shop
  • Implementing Changes Necessary for Today’s Career Technical Education
    • Changing teaching techniques
    • Allowing students to make decisions
    • Involving industry
    • Utilizing group techniques
    • Integrating project-based teaching
    • Integrating technology into curriculum
  • What Happened to Our Career Technical Programs?
    • Why is finding qualified teachers more difficult?
    • New teachers vs. educational and training requirements
    • Keeping up to date both technically and professionally
    • What to do because funds are lacking
    • How to recruit students
    • How to retain students
  • Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
    • Why are programs disappearing?
    • Where did professionalism go?
    • Why are younger teachers not as professional as older teachers?
    • Where is your industry involvement?
    • How do you stack up with local industry?
    • How do you stack up with local community?
    • How do you stack up with local school population?
  • Project-Based Teaching
    • Value of project-based teaching
    • What is true project-based learning?
    • Why many teachers do not understand how to utilize it
    • Why should I do it?
    • When is it used?
    • How to implement it
  • The Hiring Process
    • How to hire career and technical teachers

Soldering is Easy

Excerpt from the web site: “This seven page comic book explains in detail and with pictures how to make a good solder connection.  It also teaches you all the other bits and pieces of knowledge  that you need to successfully solder together an electronic kit, even if you’ve never soldered before!

If you teach soldering in your course, or just want to learn it yourself, check out: